flipping through your latest cookbook

By Jessica Hudgins

Stir-fries and sautés; Sunday night suppers; breakfast, brunch, and
bakes! You’ve done it, Isa!

Sliders, mac ‘n’ cheese, banana bread, kale salad, black bean soup…!
Isa, you’re surrounded! Isa, how do you stay so calm? 

Basic proteins and modifications for common allergens! Keep
doing what you’re doing, Isa! Isa, you’ve got it in the bag! 

You have so many wooden spoons! 

Isa! You’re wearing a high-waisted floral dress! Your casseroles
steam in Pyrex dishes! They cool on lace napkins! 

Are those new glasses? Your fingernails are long and painted
in pastels! 

Isa, you’ve changed since The Post-Punk Kitchen, since
Veganomicon. When did you start straightening your hair? I’ve
never seen you use a bobby pin before, Isa. 

I know you don’t pre-heat the oven. 

Do you remember late-night candy runs to the Kangaroo around
the corner? 

Do you remember that Bagel was my cat first? 

I’ve fed many people with that buttermilk waffle recipe, Isa. 

Isa, that’s my plate.