Each of our issues are themed. Past issue themes include "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, The City," and "Woman."

Reading Period

Submissions are now closed. They will reopen shortly.

Simultaneous vs. Multiple Submissions

Simultaneous submissions to other journals are fine as long as they are identified as such and we are notified immediately upon acceptance elsewhere. Multiple genres within one submission is okay, so long as the submission abides to the 5,000 word limit, described below. Please note: within multiple genre submissions, the editors reserve the right to publish one genre over another.

Manuscript Guidelines

  • Typed, double-spaced (poetry may be single-spaced) pages.
  • Numbered pages.
  • Fiction and nonfiction: No more than 5,000 words. Excerpts of longer works are welcome if self-contained.
  • Poetry: Submit up to five poems in the same document.
  • Carefully copy-edit and proof your work. We’re not against a typo or two, or even an occasion of their/they’re/there. However, do the courtesy of proofing your work. We’re a small staff and copy-editing should be done as much as possible prior to submission.
  • Please be thematically sound. We have a theme and we want you to relate to it in some way. We want it to be inventive and creative, but it can’t be tenuous.
  • Strive to be inoffensive. We’re not against harsh language, sexuality, a depiction of the real world or offensive subject matter. Characters and situations can be racist/sexist/gender-ist/any kind of ist, but a piece that is any of those will not be included.
  • Unsolicited criticism is not considered.

We do not reprint previously published work.


To submit, please email In the subject line, indicate genre and title (e.g. Fiction  - Title of Piece). Attach your submission as a Word (.doc, .docx) or rich-text format (.rtf) file. No .Pages, .txt, .pdf or Open Office Documents. Upload only one file containing your submission. Do not Google-share your document. Do not copy/paste into body of an email.

We greatly prefer digital submissions, but if you really, really (like, really) want/need to mail your submission, email the editors before you do so. Unsolicited work sent directly to an editor’s home or office will be ignored and discarded. Also, we might be creeped out because how did you get our address?

Please include :

  • Your name.
  • The date, title, and genre of your submission.

Early submissions will be responded to faster than later ones. Feel free to query after one month has passed.

We are thrilled you’re considering our lit journal and we can’t wait to read your work.